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Questions??? Call Jo 07989 063595

Mon-Fri 09:30-12:00 & 16:30-18:00

Sat/Sun 09:30-12:00 & 16:30-17:30


Terms & Conditions of Boarding:


We want your cat/s to be happy and safe with us and will do our utmost to make it so, whilst you relax and enjoy your holiday. However, in order for us to do our bit, we need you to do yours:


A condition of booking is that your cat/s is/are well, in good condition, having received worming/flea treatment at least 3 days prior to boarding. If we think your cat/s has fleas/worms on arrival it is within our rights to refuse their stay. If we find fleas/worms during your cats stay we will treat it at a cost of £10 to you.


Vaccinations/boosters MUST BE UP TO DATE AND YOU MUST BRING YOUR CAT/S VACCINATION CARD FOR EVERY STAY. If you cat is unvaccinated, it will take 5 weeks for them to complete the course, the 2nd injection MUST be given a minimum of 2 weeks prior to their arrival


To secure your booking a deposit equal to 3 days boarding is required and you will be emailed an invoice on confirmation of booking. Until the deposit is paid your booking is not confirmed. Please note that payments must be made by clicking the link - we are unable to accept payment over the phone. This deposit is non refundable, unless you change or cancel your booking at least 4 weeks before your cat's expected arrival date. After this time the deposit will not be refunded. If your booking is cancelled 2 weeks before your expected arrival date 50% of the total due will be payable (including the deposit) and less than 1 week before arrival the full amount is due. This is because we have held these dates for you and turned other customers away.


Please bring your cat/s in a suitable cat carrier. You MUST BRING your cat/s vaccination card on the DAY OF ARRIVAL or your cat/s will not be able to stay but the full amount will still be due. The balance for your cat/s stay is due on drop off, not collection, but any additional charges due to unforseen delays or vet bills can be paid on collection.

What to bring (click here)

Please bring bedding or an item of your clothing to help your cat/s to settle and any favourite toys. Please remove your cat/s collar for safety reasons. Please also supply any brushes you use for grooming. If your cat has special food or is on a prescription diet, please remember to bring enough for the duration of their stay and any medication.


If your cat/s shows signs of illness we will aim to contact you in the first instance, or your emergency contact to discuss symptoms/treatment. If we are unable to get hold of you and we feel it is necessary for your cat/s to be seen by a vet, we will take it to your vet if within a 6 mile radius, or ours. The vet’s bill will be payable by you when you collect your cat.

We accept no liability in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill, lost or dies during their stay, although we will do our utmost to ensure their welfare whilst they are with us. With only 10 pens, a cat under the weather is unlikely to be missed. However all pets are left entirely at their owner’s risk. Our insurance covers each cat within our custody, care and control for a maximum of £500 for loss/death/theft. If your cat is of higher value please check with your own insurers to ensure you are adequately covered.


If your pet has not been collected within 7 days of the agreed departure date and we are unable to contact you, we will begin proceedings to have your cat rehomed.