Opening Hours

We are open for drop off/collection, by appointment when booking:

Monday - Saturday 09:30-10:30 & 16:30 -17:45 

Sunday 09:30-10:00 

We are CLOSED for drop off/collection on Bank Holidays and for family birthdays on 6th Jan, 9th April, 20th June, 15th August & 20th August. We are still happy to look after your cats on those days but will not be open to visitors. If you try to make a booking for collection or drop off on one of these dates the system will show no availability so try adjusting your length of stay by a day. With the exception of Bank Holidays and Christmas, if a you are required to extend your cat's stay due to one or our family birthday "closed" days you won't be charged for the additional day!

When making a booking you will be required to select a time to drop off/collect that fits in with your holiday arrangements. Bear in mind that we calculate charges on a daily basis, with a minimum charge for 3 days which is equal to your deposit. Both drop off and collection days are charged for and this is to ensure that the pen is yours for the duration of the day to allow for delays and cleaning.

We understand that you may like to view the cattery before you book and welcome new customers, but would ask that you get in touch to arrange an appointment. We would rather you didn't turn up when cats are being collected/dropped off or when we are feeding/cleaning. Making an appointment means we can give you our undivided attention.