James, Jo and their daughters, Amy, Jess & Rosie, bought Abbotts View Farm in 2012 as 22 acres of meadow grass with planning permission for an agriculturally tied house. They built their eco house and moved in January 2013 and then filled the land with alpacas, rare breed sheep & pigs, goats, rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs and ponies. Animal welfare is their passion and all of the animals are treated with the utmost respect with attention paid to their living environment, ensuring there are plenty of opportunities for enrichment.

Abbotts View Farm Cattery has been designed and built with exactly the same principles in mind: Just 10 suites ensures that we get to know the cats who stay with us and each will be treated as the individuals they are; large suites big enough for a family of 4 ensures luxury and plenty of space; our cattery is situated in a prime position, so we can see it from our home, and our residents enjoy a full view of the farm and its comings and goings while bird feeders enhance their view .

The cattery has been designed and built to our exact specifications taking into consideration the requirements of an eco farm, and insulation has been increased dramatically from the standard design to ensure it stays cool in the summer, while thermostatically controlled heaters keep bedrooms warm in the winter. In 2020 we installed Air Conditioning which ensures the cattery stays cool, even on the hottest days. Suites are cleaned with pet friendly Anigene and steam cleaned between each stay. 

The Project was part funded by a grant from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The aim was to build an off grid eco cattery and create jobs in the local community. Whilst the cattery is family run, we have employed staff to help on the farm to allow Jo to concentrate full time on the cattery.

Work started on Monday 6th March 2017. The suites were delivered by the cattery manufacturer, Lindee Lu on April 3rd and after a busy 3 months we welcomed our first guest on 20th July 2017. We are thrilled with what we have created - a calm, light space with a lovely atmosphere and amazing views of the farm and surrounding area.

In 2018 the Animal Welfare Licensing changed and all catteries became star rated. As we had built to the highest standards and sizes just the year before, the only change we had to make was to introduce opaque panels behind any shelves and at floor level, to provide privacy. As a result, we were awarded a 3 year 5 star licence from Aylesbury Vale District Council.
Licence Number : C201711-624