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My cat has never used a cattery before. Will he be ok?

We treat each and every cat as the individual they are. Some will settle in easily but others may need a little more care and attention to help them to feel at home. We are more than happy to take the time to settle your feline friend and have a variety of toys, hidy holes and scratch posts/arches to satisfy his every need. We monitor how much he is eating and his mood on a daily record sheet. And we are happy to send you whatsap videos to reassure you so you can relax and enjoy your holiday

Do cats mix?

No! Never! Unless they are from the same family of course and are sharing a suite. There are strict rules and guidelines to ensure that cats from different families never share the same space  - this includes the safety corridor and that is why we NEVER let cats out to play in the corridor. Health and safety, infection control and your cat's welfare is always our top priority.

Do cats go outside?

No! For their safety, cats don't leave their suite until their departure and all suites open directly onto a safety corridor, where doors are locked from the inside at both ends so there are no accidental escapees! All cats have the exclusive use of their luxury sized bedroom and exercise area with plenty of climbing shelves and comfy blankets. To access their bedroom they can use either their cat flap or window from their viewing balcony, and their bedroom is thermostatically controlled, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In their exercise run they have a climbing ramp, chair and sunning shelves to sit and watch the world go by. On warmer days, all of the perspex panels lining the safety corridor are removed and there is a lovely flow of outside air. There are bird feeders and wind chimes hanging all around the cattery and a full panoramic view of the farm. In the Winter and Spring the paddock around the cattery is gently grazed by our sheep so there is always plenty to watch.

My cat has never used a cat flap - will this be a problem?

Not at all - they usually work out how to use it pretty quickly! But otherwise, we can prop it open in winter or leave the door open from their bedroom to their exercise run or they can just use the window! (Spring and Summer)

My cat gets very stressed and I am worried about leaving her.

We leave a radio on softly during the day time to provide gentle background noise. Each bedroom has a plug point high up for a Feliway diffuser if you would like to provide one. We do ask for a detailed description of your cat's behaviour and personality so we can understand how to make them feel at home. Bringing blankets/toys/beds from home can really help them settle and we will stick to your feeding and grooming regime as closely as possible.

Do you groom cats?

Yes we do - if your cat enjoys it! It is helpful if you can provide the brushes your cat is used to. If your cat prefers not to be groomed but enjoys cuddles and strokes - don't worry they will get lots of those!!

Why do you charge by the day??

We charge by the day to allow for any delays which would result in overbooking of suites and the thorough cleaning of each suite and to ensure it has dried before moving the next guest in. For this reason you will be charged a minimum of 3 days.

When is the best time to drop my cat off?

Cats are sensitive creatures and the best time to drop them off is before you even get your suitcases out! They are bonded to you (not your house) and if they realise that something is changing they are likely to find somewhere to hide, which can make it difficult when you are ready to leave! Ideally, don't feed your cat on the day you intend to drop them off: this means they are likely to hang around the house and makes them less likely to be sick during the journey. We recommend you bring some unwashed blankets (that smell familiar) but don't put them in the cat carrying basket in case they are sick! Newspaper is best, or bring a spare unwashed blanket just in case. Remember that you are charged for the whole day so even if your flight isn't until the evening you can drop them off in the morning. If your flight is early morning it is best to drop them off the day before.

Do you accept kittens?

We are happy to accept kittens so long as their primary and secondary vaccinations have been completed at least two weeks prior to their stay with us. They must be vaccinated against Feline Panleucopaenia Virus (FPV), Feline Herpes Virus (FHV) and Feline Calicivirus (FCV). 

Do you accept un-neutered males?

We accept un-neutered kittens up to the age of 1 but if they are older then no, we don't, due to issues associated with un-neutered males and spraying.

My cat is on medication. Are you able to administer it?

Unfortunately we aren't able to board cats on medication (with the exception of pain medication or natural supplements) and would recommend seeking accommodation at a cattery affiliated with a Veterinary practice.

Do you provide food?

Yes we provide food and treats at no extra cost. We feed James Wellbeloved Fish & Rice dry cat food, and also have Royal Canin Sensible and Purina One  If your cat prefers wet food we stock Whiskas pouches in a variety of flavours, Sheba and Purina Gourmet. We are also happy to provide kitten food, both wet and dry. We hide Dreamies around their play area and bedroom for them to find once a day so please let us know if you would prefer us not to (for those who are watching their weight maybe!). All food is measured and we record what they have eaten on a daily basis. Cats are fed at 8:00 am and again at 5:00pm but if your cat has a particular feeding regime we can usually accommodate it. Some cats may suffer an upset tummy with a change of feed so if you would prefer to send their usual diet we are happy to feed them it. If your cat is on a prescription diet please ensure you provide enough food for the duration of their stay.

Can I come and look around before I book?

Yes of course, get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. Cattery viewings can be arranged for 09:30/10am on most mornings but we do need to avoid any drop offs or collections so get in touch to find out when we can accommodate you. Due to the popularity of our small cattery and our online booking system, we would advise you to book before you view, especially for peak times like school holidays that are usually booked several months in advance. We request a deposit to secure your booking but are happy to delay payment until after you have viewed ( as long as it is within 7 days of booking). We are unable to reserve suites for you until you are registered as a customer on our booking system.

Is the Cattery temperature controlled?

Yes! Each bedroom has thermostatically controlled heaters (both Gas and Electric so there is always a back up!) and we have an app on our phones which means we can check the temperature any time of the day or night and adjust accordingly. In 2020 we installed air conditioning units into the cattery corridors. Although our preference on warm days is still to lift off all the windows to allow airflow, we seem to be experiencing hotter weather each summer when the temperature in the cattery is harder to control. You can rest assured that even on the hottest days, your cats will stay cool - in fact I think our whole family will be sharing their space as the coolest place on the farm!