Cattery Video Tour

Please note that since this video was taken our cattery has changed slightly due to the Animal Welfare Regulations changing in October 2018. New guidance stipulated that in order for our cattery to remain rated as 5 star, the clear panels between suites had to be changed to white/opaque solid panels to afford the cats privacy from one another. We have retained the clear window in between the top three windows so that we can see into the next suite and find that some of the most determined cats will find a way to peer through if they are particularly nosy or the cat in the next suite is vocal! But all bottom panels and panels behind shelves are now solid white so your cat can relax in peace without being watched! They still have a clear view out of the front of the cattery to watch the birds at the feeders, and over our sheep paddock and towards the alpaca farm. The two suites at either end have clear windows each side which means these suites are particularly good for very active and nosy cats! Suites are allocated automatically by our booking system but as we get to know your cats and their characters we learn which cats would be best suited to these outside suites and will ensure they can occupy them, if available, when you book.