Luxury Cat Accommodation

Our lovely timber framed cattery, which is 5 star rated by our local council and our customers, has just 10 extra large suites that each look out over our alpaca and rare breed farm. When we designed our cattery we chose to build extra large suites, each licensed to accommodate up to 4 cats from the same family, so whether you have 1 cat or 4, there is plenty or room for them to stretch their legs, with multiple shelves to choose from to enjoy the view out over our farm. 

Each suite has a large bedroom which is individually thermostatically controlled via an app on our phones, so at any time we can see and adjust the temperature in each suite. There are two large shelves, one with a viewing window, and a nice hidy corner with a comfy bed for those residents who enjoy peace and quiet. Food, water and a litter tray is housed in the bedroom so if cats are feeling a little shy on arrival they don't need to venture out. 

There is a full height insulated door with cat flap from the bedroom area into a spacious run, with climbing ramp and shelf up to the window to the bedroom for easy access, and another shelf at the front of the run with a view out over the farm. For multiple cats, an additional litter tray will be found in the run, and we provide cool mats, a scratch post, toys, tunnels and blankets. There is also a "human" chair so we can sit and cuddle, groom and play or the cats can use it as another comfy perch from which to watch the world go by. Between each suite are solid sneeze barriers, and all are white to provide the cats with privacy, apart from one in the middle so we can keep an eye on neighbours and so can our nosiest of residents, if they so choose! The door from the run opens onto a wide safety corridor, so there is no risk of cats escaping. The safety corridor is covered in mesh with lift out windows all of the way around, so it is enclosed in the winter to protect our residents from the wind and rain, but all windows lift off in the warmer months providing fresh air and even better opportunities to watch the birds feeding from multiple feeders hanging around the cattery. 

The cattery has a solid roof and faces the sun in the morning, but the sun has moved away from the windows during the hottest part of the day. Perfect on those hot summer days we have experienced in recent years. We also have fans and, if it is really warm, we have air conditioning. 

Just five suites are situated on either side of our large and welcoming reception which also leads to our cattery kitchen with fridge/freezer and washing machine and we also have a isolation suite behind reception that we can use in the case or illness (after consultation with you and your vet) or as a holding pen if flights are delayed. 

We provide plenty of cosy blankets, pods, beds, tunnels, scratch posts and toys but you are welcome and positively encouraged to bring items from home that may help your feline friend to settle. We keep you up to date on your cat/s progress via Whatsapp and don't post any photos of your cats on social media whilst you are away on your holidays. 

Peace and quiet is the order of the day here and our residents really settle well. There is always plenty to watch, from alpacas and sheep grazing, to birds at the feeders, to riders on horseback passing by the cattery (there is a horse livery onsite). 

We are uniquely positioned on our private farm, in beautiful countryside, just 5 miles between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard and 30 minutes from Milton Keynes. You will struggle to find more peaceful, spacious accommodation for your feline friends, and we are people for whom animal welfare is top priority, and is at the heart of everything we do. 

The cattery is surrounded by CCTV cameras and is fully alarmed. We are insured to take vaccinated cats and hold a Animal Welfare Licence for the provision of boarding cats from Buckinghamshire Council LC201711-624